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2016/2017 Thaiwoo FIS Freestyle Skiing Moguls World Cup is Coming!


The 2016/2017 Thaiwoo FIS Freestyle Skiing Moguls Skiing Moguls World Cup, hosted by the FIS, organized by Chinese Ski Association and co-organized by Thaiwoo Ski Resort, will take place on Feb 25-26, 2017 at Thaiwoo Ski Resort.


Freestyle skiing originated from America in the 1960s. It was the desire for freedom that enabled this brand new thrilling skiing style to take shape. Freestyle skiing has grown into its maturity after an evolution of several decades. The FIS freestyle skiing is divided into two major competitions: Aerials and Moguls.

Mogul skiing is a freestyle skiing competition consisting of one timed run of free skiing on a steep, heavily moguled course, stressing technical turns, aerial maneuvers and speed.

The first competition involving mogul skiing occurred in 1971. The FIS created the Freestyle World Cup Circuit in 1980. As an important international competition of freestyle skiing, the Freestyle Skiing World Cup is hosted by the FIS and held each year as a circuit in different places around the world.



With the success of winning the Winter Olympics and the rapid development of Chongli area, plus the construction and preparation of professional competition terrains, Thaiwoo is honored to be selected by the FIS as the competition site for the 2016/2017 Freestyle Skiing Moguls World Cup.


Best-ever Moguls Site in China

As the competition site for the 2015/2016 Freestyle Skiing Moguls Championship, the 2016/2017 Freestyle Skiing China Korea Dual Meet, the 2016/2017 National Freestyle Skiing Moguls Championship, Thaiwoo Ski Resort’s ski run “Bumper” is regarded as the best-ever Moguls site in China. Apart from these international and national competitions, the 2016/2017 Thaiwoo FIS Freestyle Skiing Moguls World Cup will be the grandest and most eye-catching event of the year, as well as the first-ever top class international competition for Chongli area.

The competition site for this World Cup – the “Bumper” is a professional Moguls ski run that was awarded the Homologation by the FIS after only one inspection in 2016. Several international and national competitions have been held on this ski run since its completion.

Length: 240m

Width: 16m

Slope Grade: 31°

Time Reference: 23.3s


Competition Schedule and Broadcasting

Competitions of this World Cup will be completed in two days: Men’s and Ladies’ Moguls will be held on Day 1 (Feb 25), and Men’s and Ladies’ Dual Moguls on Day 2 (Feb 26).


Feb 25

10:00  Ladies’ Moguls Preliminaries

11:45  Men’s Moguls Preliminaries

13:30  Ladies’ Moguls Finals

13:55  Men’s Moguls Finals


Feb 26

12:05  Ladies’ and Men’s Dual Moguls Preliminaries

13:30  Ladies’ and Men’s Dual Moguls Finals


In Moguls competitions, athletes ski down along the ski run one after another for the judges to score on their turns, air maneuvers (jumps) and speed, and the ranking will be based on the scoring. The athletes are required to be both capable of performing “slides” and “jumps” while they ski down with a high speed. This competition requires an all-round mastery of moguls skills and offers terrific viewer experience.


In Dual Mogul competition, athletes will experience several elimination rounds through two-two battles. The loser is eliminated and the winner goes to next round until the final winner is determined.

This World Cup will be held at Thaiwoo, offering China’s skiing fans a great convenience to enjoy the competition on site. There is no need to take a torturing flight to another country or to stay awake in late night; all you need to do is to visit Thaiwoo Ski Resort during the weekend and you will have the chance to watch a world-class skiing competition. Meanwhile, the Competition draws a lot of attention and support from the media. The public audience will be able to watch it via the broadcasting by international and national mainstream media.


Holiday and Entertainment

Apart from watching the exciting competitions, Thaiwoo will offer so many wonderful entertainment activities during this World Cup. No matter it is Japanese, Korean, Austrian food or the authentic Chinese hotpot that you prefer, you may choose from our restaurants that serve different delicacies. You may do a little shopping along our commercial street filled with prestigious outdoor & skiing brands. There are also Candy Mountain, Film Box Cinema and The Brew House … for you to choose from after watching the competitions or skiing. Come to get high with the World Cup on Feb 25-26!