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During the summer vacation, Thaiwoo organizes mountain culture bilingual summer camps led by foreign teachers and local bilingual instructors. Our foreign teachers have good understanding of children’s natural instincts, so they will help camp students learn knowledge and skills through playing games, making the learning process so interesting that the children make progress in an environment of happiness. Our teachers will guide your children to do substantial and interesting mountain activities, including orienteering, quality development training, golf practice, mountain biking, hiking, and star-watching and many more. The inspiring DIY activities like making wood badges and T-shirts of cultural features gives full play to children’s imagination and creativity. All teaching activities will be conducted in a bilingual environment for children to enhance their linguistic competence in a way that they would not notice. This is a chance for your children to have a genuine touch with the nature and be far away from pollution and noise, breathing fresh air, learning about different flowers and trees, exploring the mountain, feeling natural beauty and enjoying mountain life.