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About Ski Slopes

Thaiwoo Ski Resort has 200 planned ski trails  with a proportion of 3:4:3 in terms of trail number Both to ensure professional sporting events, but also to meet the needs of the early, intermediate enthusiasts on the snow. 

Beginner Zone

With an area of about 6 hectares, Thaiwoo’s Beginner Zone is separated from other ski trails. 10 magic carpets are installed to allow the green hands to have safe access and spend more time to practice skiing without waiting.

Primary Ski trail

With an area of about 15 hectares, Thaiwoo’s Primary Ski Trails are separated from other ski trails to ensure safe skiing and advancement. The 4-pax detachable grip chairlift (equipped with windshield) supplied by POMA will increase the efficiency of skiing.

Intermediate Ski trail

The intermediate ski trails amount to a considerable area of 30 hectares. With varied levels of difficulties and different ski slope orientations, skiers will be guaranteed a terrific skiing experience on evenly distributed gradients. Of all ski trails, Salsa is designed with a staggering length of 3km, which offers an unlimited experience of skiing.

Advanced Ski trail

Thaiwoo’s advanced ski trails total an area of 20 hectares with very challenging gradients. Trail Modern Dance and Lambada are designed with a stunning gradient of 52% and the maximum length of advanced trails reaches 800m, offering a thrilling challenge for those “crazy skiers”.

Rave Terrain Park

The Rave Terrain Park covers an area of 7 hectares, including ski slopes, bumps, wave-shaped terrains and various obstacles. The terrain park provides a stage for extreme skiers to show off their superb skills on their skis and snowboards.

International Ski Trail Homologation

Thaiwoo’s Trail Waltz and Polka meet the FIS requirements on the venues for Men/Women’s Super G, Men/Women’s Giant Slalom, and Men/Women’s Slalom, and both the 2 ski trails have been submitted to FIS Alpine Ski Technical Division for homologation.

Trail Salsa meets the FIS technical requirements on Snowboard/Ski Cross venues.