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Resort Profile

Located in the Chongli District of Zhangjiakou City, Hebei Province, Thaiwoo Ski Resort is blessed with the Jade Peak (Yu Shi Liang) with an altitude of 2,160m and a vertical drop of 510m. The Resort features a year-round average temperature of 4.2℃ and a snow duration of 150 days. Like the world-renowned ideal skiing destinations the Rocky Mountains and the Alps, Thaiwoo Resort is developed in a mountainous area within the NL+ 40-50°, which is recognized globally as the "Golden Zone for Alpine Sports”.

Master Planning

With a total area of 400 hectares, Thaiwoo Ski Resort has 200 planned ski trails which add up to 138km in length . The 45 lifts/gondolas and 21 magic carpets planned will make up a total transport distance of 38.23km.

Phase I Planning

In its Phase I construction, 28 ski trails that add up to 20km for Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced skiers (with a proportion of 3:4:3 in terms of trail number) have been built. Manmade s now covers about 72 hectares of slopes, which are connected by 4 high-speed lifts and 11 magic moving carpets.

Cutting-edge Ski Equipment

Here at Thaiwoo, we have the latest technology skis from FISCHER (Austria) and snowboards from ELAN (Slovenia) ready for hire.

Hardware & Facilities

Thaiwoo Ski Resort introduced Super PoleCat Snowmakers with the biggest snow projection developed by SMI Snowmakers (USA). The advanced automatic snowmaking system, plus a 250,000T bituminous concrete water reservoir and an outdoor water cooling tower enable Thaiwoo to be a high standard, world-class and professional ski resort.

All the 4 lifts (including 1 gondola lift) are products of detachable grip type supplied by POMA from France. Founded in 1936, POMA is a French company who has built the largest number of lift systems around the world, i.e. over 8,000 different types of lifts in 73 countries. The lift system installed in Tianmen Mountain is a product of POMA.

Safety and Security

There are 2 patrol and duty posts equipped with 2 professional rescue toboggans, 8 snowmobiles and 1 dedicated ambulance in the ski course area. There is 1 infirmary with 1 doctor and 1 nurse for emergency rescue in the resort. As for security, our professional patrol teams secure the overall ski resort all the times.