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Notice Regarding the Ski for Free Policy and Procedure for Children Under 12 Years Old

Children/teenager ski activities are always what Thaiwoo dedicates for. We run the Ski for Free and 50% Discount for Rentals Policy since our first ski season for children under 12 years old (included). To promote children skiing while ensure your kids a safe and pleasant ski environment, below policies and procedure shall come into force as from now: 

Children under 12 years old (included) can enjoy the ski for free policy and 50% discount in ski rentals. The defining standard of “12 years old (included)” is based on natural years, which refers to the children who was born on and after January 1, 2015. 

Before transaction, please show the cashier the original or copy of the Residence Booklet with your children’s ID number, or passport, or birth certificate. 

 Each child must be accompanied by an adult guardian while they transact the free pass. The children must be accompanied by professional ski instructors if the guardian cannot accompany their children while they are skiing. 

The information provided must be true and valid. Any consequences caused by the inaccuracy of information shall be bore by the information provider. Thaiwoo has no liability for it. 

Thaiwoo has no liability for any accident caused by violation of Thaiwoo Children Ski For Free Policy. 

Notice: Please choose a professional ski instructor from Thaiwoo International Snowsports Academy for your safe and pleasant ski experience.